Month: July 2017

What is the history of a famous fortune telling website

contact fortune telling website is in 2004, development is still counted in the industry, but also occupy a certain position. Through long-term understanding, there are relatively few articles about fortune telling websites. Today, the big emotion, and some of my experience to talk to you, I hope we can give some inspiration.

in fact, the fortune telling website calculates on the scale of 10 home, and really rely on direct input site access to a lot of traffic is not much, so, such sites need to rely on search engines. Moreover, fortune telling website profit point is relatively narrow, the fortune almost do not stand, generally do not do so, station of fortune, profit is almost rely on advertising or selling some products to survive. At present, some web sites have free fortune telling source code, has been provided to download, and these codes are more favored by the webmaster, as a website entertainment channels, but also a good choice. After all, do people nowadays like to tell fortunes or not?. read more

The chain, promotion Webmaster, you’re wrong, and data analysis

For many

webmaster, hope that their website can long-term development, long-term survival, of course, only alive, in order to truly reflect the value of the site itself, provides useful information to the user. Therefore, webmaster friends began to guarantee content on the basis of station, crazy promotion of your website. In this way, the station content updates, plus foreign various forms of promotion, has become a lot of webmaster friends day after day busy.

in the eyes of the author, all this is true. However, if such a day in and day out persist, form a kind of inertia of thinking naturally, your mind will be imprisoned, you will think: do station or station content using a website to do poineering work is a simple update and promotion ways of foreign. Such an idea is very detrimental because it tends to ignore the most essential things for the web – data and data analysis. Please remember: no data as a support site, even if it is beautiful, but also an empty shell, there is no data analysis as the backing of the site, it is impossible for the website to make a targeted, long-term development strategy. Webmaster friends, now you just send out the chain, do promotion? If so, then you are really wrong, and you are also faced with unprecedented danger. So remember: the importance of Web data analysis. Well, then, the author and your webmaster friends talk about the importance of data analysis. read more

Watch Blue Nile under the Chinese model, has it been successful

                the Chinese people have the advantage of learning fast, imitation is also fast; the United States Blue Nile success, China will come out a lot of network selling diamonds. Nine birds, such as diamond drill and Kelan diamond has received venture capital, they use the network media propaganda and speculation rapid development become a network of well-known brands of diamond. It is also so many individuals and small diamond processors from the beginning of last year to enter the field of online sales, food diamond sales network market big cake. So what will happen to the future trends of diamond online sales? Will the Blue Nile model be successful in China? This is what we need to pay attention to and discuss. read more

On the development of small and medium-sized websites in local gateways and their hidden dangers

today, websites across the country are diverse and diverse. Web site, as its name suggests, is a platform for Internet users to live and play. Large comprehensive portal, of course, needless to say, often have huge capital industry chain as a backing, a strong reputation, coupled with the already formed business model, the development is generally very smooth.

then caught in many large comprehensive portal, small local portal sites in the fate of the future will be? The latest survey data from the DCCI Internet Data Center show that related to personal interest sites, a considerable proportion of Internet users frequently visit has occupied the site, since 2008 a comprehensive portal the website gradually lost the dominant position, the vertical portal as the goal of the local small and medium-sized community portal sites into the future of the Internet hero. This information shows that the Internet users are now targeted and more and more sharp, and the large amount of information on the web site is very wide, but there is also a drawback, that is, a bit less professional. This gives space for small and medium-sized sites to survive. Compared with large websites, many small and medium-sized websites operate in a single category, and their professional level is higher than that of large websites. This is also in line with consumer psychology. read more

Talk about how to win the heart of the Gongshu forum moderator

most of the time, a forum’s success depends largely on whether the forum has several hell-bent moderators. A higher loyalty moderator, you can guide the positive development of the forum, publicity, promotion, planning, discussion and so on.

so how do you get higher loyalty moderators,


Gongshu forum founded less than a month, but the forum every day there are more than 100 posts, it is worth noting that all more than 100 posts by members of the original, subject to more than half of the post. Forum no vest, which means that each of the posts issued by the forum has played a role. The atmosphere of the forum is very good. Although the members are not many, they are all friendly. Often help each other. Because it is based in Gongshu local forum, members will often in the forum "Gongshu know" plate questions, a problem from put forward to solve, often less than half a day. You know, this forum was established only a week or so. It’s good and good to do so. read more

U. S. mission to achieve these three points, Wang Xing’s billion dollar valuation is not a dream

[Abstract] if the market value of the US group exceeds $100 billion, the transaction volume will reach at least 1 trillion yuan RMB, and it can still maintain more than 40% growth on this scale.

Yin Sheng / Wen

, a few days ago at the US group management forum, Wang Xing, founder of the US group, put forward a rather crazy goal: to create a company with a market capitalization of more than $100 billion, which is worth more than $. Well, to achieve the market value of 100 billion U. S. dollars, the U.S. group needs to meet what conditions? read more

B2B will develop in the direction of specialization

after several years of development, China’s rapid growth of Internet users, SMEs, information and e-commerce awareness continues to increase, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to see the hope, and actively carry out e-commerce. According to the latest statistics, in the first quarter of 2008, China’s online B2B e-commerce market delivery value reached 1 billion 58 million yuan. Among them, the number of online B2B e-commerce market registered accounts for 47 million 10 thousand, an increase of 11%. Small and medium enterprises to carry out e-commerce enthusiasm. Among them, the vertical class B2B industry website plays a powerful role in promoting the development of smes. read more

Advertising advertising alliance twenty-first Century Chinese biggest liar Alliance

introduction: fight fraud alliance, safeguard the interests of the webmaster. Webmaster together action, please grassroots webmaster nets to support!


made a NarrowAD more than 7 months, beginning in October of last year to do, there are about 900 dollars, paid advertising to write clearly on the next month 6 to 15, to 07 years in November, has been paid back, but the card has not received a call to ask the first payment of life disease. The second said payment of the sick, third times that are being paid, but always carry no money, until December, the background and display revenue in November more than 2100, December 6 to 15 have been paid, but in December low still did not receive the money, including 1011 month. Fourth call the NarrowAD, once again began to pay in. read more

How can a qualified operation develop extraordinary communication skills

every time you write these words, I was thinking what our readers can get, is not really able to work to share out, is not their coarse branch leaf litter pile of text, there are no new ideas or thoughts, is not the same, and not what things on the net the difference? Do not startle dull remarks at the very least, new things, or easy to understand, about "how to do network operations series" articles, I think as far as possible with their straightforward way to show up, Xie Yixie friend gave me the friendly reminder to help. read more

How do collect my website from 1K to 1W

will be included in the site from the 1K do 1W, this is not the title of the party? Although the party from 90th anniversary very close, but I still want to guarantee to the party: the site included, from 1K do 1W, not bragging, nor Title party. This is just I took over a hospital website, personally travel SEO ocean results obtained, there is data as evidence.

is a summary of the above screenshot 10 at the end of 2010 when the data of November website included quantity is declining, at the end of the 11 collection is about more than 1000, there is no specific data to find the relevant historical records, call to record 1K, harmless. read more

Aesthetic feeling does not necessarily bring pleasure

many enterprise website do very beautiful, not necessarily can bring pleasure to the visitor.

many enterprise websites use a lot of flash and pictures to dress up their websites, and everyone understands the speed of browsing. But many bosses think, "you do website is idle trouble, now Telecom Netcom network are 2M, 3M, small sample, don’t fool me."." As you know, you have more business people visiting your website, using wireless Internet than the advanced network, and there are more and more bosses who don’t have time to stay in the office. read more

Character design in Web Design — typography design of fonts

we as designers, every day with the font dealing, we often hope to good use of them, for the design of gas. We often wonder, the computer so many fonts, which one to use? There are so many words, how to typesetting can express the hearts of the heart,


often says that art is interlinked. Combining text composition with music, combining visual music with text typesetting will make our typography easier to mix and reflect our design sensibilities.

gives ordinary text to the art form of music, which endows the writing with the beauty of the sense of hearing and the beauty of vision. It is easier to convey information and express its deep meaning. read more

How to improve store flow and turnover rate

1. make good use of our communication tools, first of all, QQ, MSN, or more chat software to promote their own shops, note that do not write my shop XXX opened. Well, it seems that you just opened, not much performance, people feel that buying your things will not worry, and even friends have such a feeling ha. A skill, just in there, ah, a shop to buy a product, happy did not expect such a value, and then write the connection. So many people will be very curious, will take the initiative to click on your product read more

Explore new ideas of community party gathering sponsorship

as you all know, it’s difficult to be a local community. Not tight, large amount of money invested, but also occupied most of the time of the station. To make an influential community, so webmaster pay is the first! In addition to routine maintenance, update posts and interactive community members, community owners also have to find ways to improve the user to adhere and expand visibility! The city party is an important way for a line of community members under communication. It is also one of the most effective ways to promote local communities. Organize a gathering of friends on the scale of the city is not a very easy thing, that many webmaster can realize! From the party to the party in the party to end planning summary. The webmaster and the community management team have to spend most of their time, effort and money. In the long run, we’ll be exhausted and two empty. I wrote in front of the "community Adsense organization city friends gathering should do a few preparatory work.". Today, share with the community webmaster how to use the resources around to find sponsorship opportunities read more

A brief history of operations everything you want to know and don’t want to know

operation history, just four words, means that the need to traverse the Internet for more than 20 years of history, and then, insight into the main line, which can let you understand this "friend" operation of special Internet post.

which line is most valuable,


I tried the "time and events" main line, such as which year the Internet was born, the formation of business models, the Internet bubble, the Internet 2…… Try according to the Internet business competition form dimensions, such as start-up, relive, after three times, a situation of tripartite confrontation…… Also tried to divide the functionality according to the point of view of the internet…… Even consider the perspective of capital operation…… read more

Businesses how to prevent scalping cheated (two) window trap

in an article on "businesses how to prevent scalping cheated (a): two mode" domain name trap and we introduced two kinds of common mode so the seller deceived, then, this lesson is still on the remote payment deceived content.

the key word in this chapter is the window

window cheat point

on the window, to be precise, there are 3 common cheating points, namely:

Alipay replaced Alipay

recharge payment

online banking payment 999 was replaced by 1999



recharge payment into read more

Do QQ space free code station operating experience sharing

one, my QQ free space code site,

has been working on the QQ free space code station for over a year, and now shares some of the experience of operating sites.

in June 09, for reasons of interest, had the idea of building a Q free space code site. I analyze and know about the QQ free space code website, see QQ free space code website is the basic personal webmaster establishment, not an Internet company or enterprise, and then make a Q free space positioning code sharing platform.

himself spent his spare time, two weeks of Web site design and div cut, and then a friend to develop PHP help to make the program out, the program is combined with dedeCMS+Discuz do. Back then, I was excited. Have your own Q free space code sharing site. read more

Brief discussion on short survival rule of personal stationmaster

easy language represents an action, we humans of a language is neither fast nor slow, on behalf of our human’s behavior. In the next 90 young master, all brothers and sisters laughed today, simply say do stand a few months of experience, also and you want to exchange their hands, compensate each other, and common progress, to achieve a win-win situation!

in the next few years, 2 years of learning Xhtml and DIV+CSS since that level is still OK, you can completely write your own stand-alone site, although there is no function at all. But that’s really a website, a real Web site. It’s not an open source program that is downloaded online. It’s original and copyrighted. read more

A pupil’s experience in setting up a television station

first admitted that he had a relatively low level of education and that he entered society after graduation from primary school. He also has several years of time in the network, has been in the "chat room", until one day in 2007, I met her, and her contacts, she learned love watch series, and is often anxious because of watching the address could not be found. From then on, I have been trying to open a movie station, but I’ve been looking for lots and lots of programs. I’ll come to the webmaster every day to see if there are any good programs. Until early 2008, in stationmaster net to see "Marx", I was attracted to the name "Marx", "Marx" will think of the heart still think this website is so personality, Download Marx program, after debugging a night, finally succeeded, but they don’t know how to operate, the so-called the label himself, then delete the installer preliminary, in their own local computer installed IIS, "Marx" detailed understanding and skilled operation. read more

A day without nternet

may only be unable to access the Internet, these perennial site personal webmaster who have time to think about the problem, planning life. The site has been close to two years, the work is again and again three in exchange, only to find a good wages, good working environment, plenty of time to work, because now in the website, still remain in the stage of the site to make money.

to the new company has been more than three months, actually, the company itself does not eight hours of work time up to half an hour at work, more than seven hours in the other to engage in their own personal station, often the boss walked into our office, I’m ashamed, always feel to do the wrong, sorry, sorry, boss. This is probably the most enterprise network management work model. For a long time, there will not be so much guilt, because the boss confessed things are done, work idle, it is because the company itself is less, you want to find something for yourself, that is the brain. read more