Month: March 2017

This month, the city to implement new regulations governing gas

(reporter Rong Lijun) March 1st, is the implementation of the city of Xining Air Pollution Control Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) on the first day. For the "Regulations" work, the Municipal People’s Congress, Legislative Affairs Office of the municipal government and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in 2015 and early intervention, in-depth research, held a forum to listen to the argumentation, legal experts, deputies and other opinions and suggestions. "Regulations" in October last year, the fifteen session of the Standing Committee for consideration by the thirty-first meeting and approved in November last year, the twelve session of the twenty-third meeting of the Standing Committee, formally implemented in March 1, 2016. read more

Xining north of the court filed a praise

Xining City District Court of all police officers in the daily handling process, "leaned, set up the public trust", "civil law officer" willing to fulfill the promise, put into trial for the people, justice and honesty "work in the whole process. Filing court combined with the actual work of their own, has recently launched the appointment filing, noon filing, filing filing, sent to the community and other judicial convenience measures, received a good social effect.

recently, the north area of Jiahe community owners of 99 households and belongs to real estate development company for housing maintenance fund dispute, residential owners and developers dispute, further intensification of contradictions. North District court filing court informed that this situation, the report was submitted to the president, decided to place the case. The morning of April 3rd ten, school party secretary, President Song Zhongyi led the officers to Lianting Jiahe residential area north of the city, asked about the cause of the basic situation of the case and the contradiction to the owners, then called the request filed 99 owners, the scene to carry out household review, according to the invoice acceptance fee, litigation documents such as a station the type filing service, the filing procedures 99 disputes in the fully completed. In the process of filing procedures, the president, the court of justice on the legal issues raised by the masses of the community were patient and detailed answers. Community people, said: the judge into the community, close the distance, enhance the feelings of such activities carried out well". (author: Su Fengjuan) read more

Xining City Health Bureau, the trade union committee condolences to the earthquake relief group visi

"4.14" after the Yushu earthquake, in the correct leadership of the municipal government and the provincial health department and the unified arrangements, the Municipal Health Bureau immediately launched the emergency plan, the night went to the earthquake stricken areas, to carry out medical treatment. Meanwhile, the disaster area of the earthquake disaster and medical rescue work has always been concerned about the City Health Bureau trade union committee and the hearts of cadres and workers. April 30, 2010, commissioned by the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau deputy party secretary of the discipline committee, trade union chairman Comrade Meng Fanlu, deputy director of Comrade Li Xiangdong led condolences to the group of 6 people who went to Yushu earthquake, condolences group carrying value of 5 yuan of beef and mutton, rice and flour, oil, vegetables and other holiday gifts and the bed, bedding and other daily necessities, I rushed to the earthquake relief overnight city health and epidemic prevention team of La Xiu Xiang and the drop show Yushu County town of two hospitals to carry out the "51" condolences activities.
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Xining City Federation of trade unions love action for female workers grief

in order to improve the consciousness of self health care of female workers in Xining, set up a good habit of caring for women and health. From July 18th to August 19th, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions in the District, county, bureau, more than and 50 units of the Park held a "female worker, prevention of gynecological diseases and health care knowledge, benefit the city’s organs, enterprises and institutions of female workers and female migrant workers in Non-public Enterprises of more than 3000 people. read more

Strict control of heavy fines to disperse ten face haze Xining blue sky and clear water just around

as of September 4th, the effective monitoring of urban air quality days in Xining for 247 days, the number of days to reach the national standard for only two of the total effective monitoring of the number of days of 48%. In other words, up to now, only a good number of days in Xining 117 days. This is the implementation of air quality monitoring standards in Xining, the best number of days of good air.

The number of days of good weather in Xining this year

decline why so obvious, mainly is the new air quality monitoring standards on the basis of the original added nitric oxide, ozone and PM2.5 three indexes, among them, PM2.5 is the major source of industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, coal dust, the main culprit caused by air pollution in Xining is is PM2.5. read more

Xining hot summer cool economy

* cool pull high Xining tourism price * hotel rooms and tourist vehicles tight summer economy is driving the development of a number of industries

1 billion 724 million yuan! An increase of 30.43%! July, the city’s tourism revenue to achieve rapid growth. Take advantage of the climate of Xining has established a richly endowed by nature, the new economy, the tourism industry is not only a hot summer, the economy is driving the development of many industries.

cool pull high July Xining travel prices read more

Xining non-public economic strength is showing an increasing trend year by year

Industrial and Commercial Bureau from the city was informed that, as of the end of 2008, Xining city has 7564 private enterprises, registered capital of 1 million 320 thousand yuan, up 3.7% over the previous year; individual industrial and commercial households was 53042, the average registered capital of 25 thousand and 400 yuan, an increase of 19%. We can see that the non-public economic strength of the city is showing a trend of increasing year by year." Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau official said. read more

Xining to carry out the focus of public transport activities

in order to further deepen the national civilized city to create work, promote the traffic environment focus on remediation activities in depth, in June 25th, a city office, city civilization organized municipal units, District civilization office of the party members and cadres, and the community, student volunteers, nearly ten thousand people to carry out centralized rectification activities in the area of traffic civilization demonstration, demonstration street intersection.
in traffic for you and open "as the theme, to education and guidance, create atmosphere, uncivilized traffic behavior rectification as the focus, to mobilize the masses of Party members and cadres to carry out civilized traffic through persuasion, civilized traffic knowledge propaganda, traffic order and focus on remediation activities, to further enhance the legal awareness, the public traffic safety consciousness, civilization consciousness, and strive to achieve the traffic accidents decreased, traffic enforcement traffic management more standardized, more scientific and more civilized traffic order, and strive to create a safe and orderly, civilized and smooth traffic environment for the public. During the
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Xining City Bureau of education took the lead in the whole curriculum reform pilot

yesterday afternoon, the city of Xining City Bureau of education reform of the whole course of primary school started in North Street Elementary school. Two students in the first grade of the class and the teachers of the 4 groups performed the "dear, thank you" and recite the poem, "I love you", "I love you" in. When parents and children sign a promise of love on a blank sheet of paper, applause.

The so-called

is to break the whole curriculum, Chinese mathematics English traditional branch, realize division theory, the kindergarten, initial courses involving language, mathematics, music, art and other knowledge in the course of the class, which is not only about knowledge of Chinese language lessons, music lessons only teach children to sing. Under the premise of the implementation of the new model, according to the local characteristics, mathematics, English teachers have a professional independent teaching. Compared with the traditional teaching mode, it is different from the first grade is the initial stage of study, instead of traditional teacher preparation, two teachers (master classes and sub classes). A class, set up a home classroom. The beginning of the first grade curriculum design consists of eight themes, respectively from the lives of children, to children and the nature of the world, and finally back to the children’s understanding of their own life, to help children build a silly and complete world. The study of each subject, by the Chinese language, mathematics, music, art, science, sports and games and other disciplines to support, knowledge, life, life to get through each other. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry east branch pay close attention to the work of trad

this year, Xining City, the East Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will foster a global focus on trademark, take the responsibility to the people, fenpianbaogan forms, in-depth area of enterprises and the self-employed, and actively promote the "trademark law" and trademark benefits, encourage and guide the operators to take the brand business road, helping enterprises bigger and stronger trademark, foster effectiveness significantly, as of the end of July, has identified 176 cultivation object, declare 81 registered trademarks, respectively, completed the annual target of 73% and 101%.
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Wang Guosheng stressed in Hainan research, seize the opportunity to broaden their horizons and striv

9 21 to 22, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng depth Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Guide County, Gonghe County, ecological protection, green industrial development, grassroots party building research. He stressed that to thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai during an important speech, in accordance with the "four major solid" requirements, strengthen the awareness of opportunities, vision development, ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development, to further strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, unite and lead the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups across the state to reform and innovation, struggling to catch up. The characteristics of industrial development on the forefront, the realization of ecological protection, economic development and the improvement of people’s livelihood three win-win. read more

Xining City, the sudden surge in the number of drunk driving police departments attach great importa

since August 15th, the city traffic police detachment deployed according to the Ministry of public security of the thorough investigation of drunk driving traffic violations, three months later, I drunk driving traffic violations are not reduced, but there was suddenly increased trend, it has attracted great attention in the traffic police department.

the evening of November 19th, the city traffic police detachment in a special inspection in 2 hours we investigated 31 cases of drunk driving traffic violations, and in the special rectification at the beginning of 20 days (August 15th to September 4th), the city’s total illegal acts of drunk driving traffic in 51, rectification carried out 3 months after a night and the number was more than 10 days and the total number of. The traffic police thorough investigation of drunk driving traffic violations special action has not stopped, after entering the November drunk driving traffic violations number does not decrease, but more and more of the situation, the 19 evening suddenly soared to 31 and let the police surprised. In an interview with reporters, the staff checked drunk driving is also aware of this in the nationwide thorough investigation of drunk driving traffic violations, traffic police department also know in the city every night check, but drunk driving traffic violations are repeated. November 20th, deputy director of the city traffic police detachment Wang Wei told reporters that the main reason for drunk driving is repeated, the driver luck in mischief. "By the end of the year, some enterprises and units gathering, entertainment is also an important reason for the increase." Wang Wei said. read more

The black city village bright, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department of tangi

spring ripples of a gentle breeze is freely blowing. 10 Lotus Street by the Xining municipal Party committee organization department coordination is a new paint, in Huangzhong County, Xin Zhuang Zhen Hei Cheng Cun, the main roadway lined up, nestled in the ancient brick, green willow, starkly beautiful. The villagers said happily, we did not dream of a dream like the city of Xining, such as the installation of such a good street lamp!

Huangzhong County on the new town of black village is a new model of rural construction of the village, but also the organization of the Ministry of rural village in the village. In March this year, the Municipal Organization Department cadres in the village, the villagers are eager to see the main street in the installation of street lamps, in order to facilitate their production and living. In order to meet the aspirations of the masses, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department actively coordinating the Municipal Construction Bureau and subordinate street lamp management office, for the black village to solve the 10 value of more than 5 yuan old road lamp. In the Scientific Outlook on Development to carry out the study and practice activities, the Party Organization Department to install the black city street village matters as a concrete follow-up work for the tangible things, many times to the Haruki Street location and the electricity line laying, energy-saving light bulbs use, for the village come to do, and urge the village "two committees" as soon as the installation and commissioning. In May 7th, the black city village men and women, old and young like the holidays, have to go to the village "street", to meet the switch on time. Completed in the street when Phi hung Gualv, the sound of firecrackers, the Party Organization Department Deputy Minister Xu Zhenggang pushed the brake power, the villagers: bright, bright by common consent! Indeed, the black village is not black, black city village bright, not only the black village of the night light, black town village people’s hearts are bright. The villagers from the bottom of his heart, said: Scientific Outlook on Development good truth, the party’s city to help farmers in rural areas, the policy is really good! read more

Transformation of the city of Xining city style to enhance administrative capacity

in order to consolidate and expand the party’s mass line of educational practice, promote the basic construction work, improve the service level of organs, promote the work style change and improve work efficiency, optimize the development environment, recently, Xining city held the performance of the construction work of mobilization, six initiatives to urge the organ efficiency construction.

these six initiatives is to enhance the quality of the team, through study, discussion and practice, to promote the performance of the construction of cadres style change and mechanism; improve the management relations, clear the organs of unit work function, authority and responsibility, from the system to eliminate advantageous competition between departments, no profit push buck passing phenomenon; improving the service mode, do not solve, put less, slow release, holidays and other issues, strictly liquidation of administrative fees; changing the work style of cadres, the implementation of post responsibility system, Shouwenfuze system, service commitment system, time limit system, AB controls, to regulate the behavior of the system, administration work of the whole process and all aspects of development; optimization the environment, the people are concerned about the hot issues of social concern, as the focus of public affairs, government affairs to strengthen supervision and inspection, the formation of long-term mechanism of public transparency; Strict accountability rewards and punishments, increase disciplinary efforts. read more

Mutually beneficial operation is the basis for long-term development of the store

is now a lot of shopkeepers to shop on the idea of making money, earn a lot of money customers will be happy for a while. And in my shop on the wall, with this quote: "I benefit customers without the benefit, the guest does not exist; the small my guest, the guest guest I quite soon; the guest can be stored for a long time, and I can giuly."

I think, and only for the sake of others, to establish credibility and mutually beneficial relationship, in order to gain a foothold in the business. read more

North of the city of Xining area one by one to ensure building safety

In order to ensure that the area of the construction site construction production safety, the North District of Xining city recently organized the construction site safety supervision group to conduct a comprehensive inspection cycle for a period of 40 days of the 41 construction sites, the jurisdiction of 64 projects in the Ministry of construction. Check in staff adhere to every site will enter, every project will have to check with a microscope, a magnifying glass to find the problem, from the demolition of the scaffolding hoisting machinery for the record; workers from "the three level" education and safety training to the security door, four port, five treasures from the edges "; deep foundation pit to high formwork, aerial work; from the management of electricity to the construction of major hazard publicity, do not let any one may lead to subtle aspects of safety accidents. (author: Su Jianping, Zhao Yongming) read more

Chaoyang Street to three in place to promote the implementation of the work objectives

from July 17th to July 23rd, Chaoyang Street Party Working Committee, the office of the organization of the Department personnel, the Party committee secretary Chen Qin Wen’s leadership, to listen to the report, check the information, in the (Village) people, on behalf of Party members on behalf of the Council in the form of discussion, to belong to the village, the community for a period of 5 days in the first half of the work check.
first half of the village, the community around the center, serving the overall situation, combined with their actual, earnestly implement the target responsibility, and actively carry out grassroots organization construction, clean government, civil affairs, family planning, safe production, a city, health town, comprehensive management, trade unions, women’s federations and other working groups. Neighborhood (Village) party, government public service, on time, the work arrangement, deployment, mass cultural activities, doing things for the project plan and progress, the full population information collection work completed, basically half the task in half the time. Among them, the temple Tai Zi Cun timely implementation of staff to inform the system, Chaoyang community, Beishan community party building activities. But there are still some common problems: first, the work of information feedback is not timely. Two is the party affairs open content is not comprehensive, not standardized, Party member education and training content is single, individual branch development Party member work lag. Three is the village work, in addition to North Park outside the village, community work is lagging behind, there is not complete data collection, collation non-standard phenomenon. Four is the re employment skills training efforts are not enough, pension expansion task and the formation of the work of trade unions to complete the task is not in place.
check for problems, the Party committee secretary Chen Wenqin requirements, closely around the Party committee office, the work of the center, do a good job in place three. First, the work of supervision in place, the various departments to strengthen the work of the village, community functions of the daily work of the guide, in accordance with the objectives of the responsibility to clear the contents of the work file. The two is the service in place, the village, the community must be practical and timely for the people to solve problems in reality for people to do practical things, to create work features and highlights. Three is tracking in place, the problems in the inspection, limit the rectification period, promote the implementation of the work, with good work style to meet the party’s eighteen. read more

went to Xining Province nine departments of leading cadres to carry out the warning education pris

  October 21st afternoon, the Provincial Justice Department in conjunction with the provincial finance department, the Provincial Department of personnel, provincial office, Provincial Department of labor and social security, the Provincial Department of land resources, the provincial construction department, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce and other units, in the fifth provincial inspection guidance group under the guidance of the organization of more than 60 party members and cadres to carry out the study. The practice of Scientific Outlook on Development watch warning education activities in Xining prison. read more

Held in the city school health education part-time staff training courses

  to lead the city’s school health education for further development, improve the school leaders attach importance to health education, strengthen school health education and part-time business quality, June 30, 2011 -7 month 8 days, the health education and the Education Bureau jointly organized 4 field school health education and part-time staff training in class three county four district, the city’s primary school leadership, responsible for health education work and part-time teachers, a total of more than 400 people participated in the training, by the municipal health education teacher Li yang.
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