Uma no Princesama The Dating Game We Didnt Know We Needed

first_imgGosh, I am so over dating normal guys! They just don’t have what it takes to get my heart pumping. But wait! What if there were a suitor out there with the beautiful face of a bishounen anime boy and the body of… a horse?! That would be perfect!We can only imagine that the above was part of the pitch for creating the weird as hell dating simulation game Uma no Prince-sama (Horse Prince), created by the minds at Usaya Co.Young love comes in many forms, and this time, also in the form of a pretty-faced stallion named Yuuma. Uma means “horse” in Japanese, so you can see the glorious pun here, yes? “Won’t you be my horse trainer?” Is the official tagline of the game.In the game, you must win Yuuma’s heart by “training” him in various tasks such as a young gentleman horse might need to learn. For example, cutting leeks and other vegetables! Because that is a 100% totally normal thing that all horses do. Yes. Super normal.Bizarrely enough, this game is also rated for gamers 12 years old and up due to “moderate violence.” The mind boggles trying to imagine what that might be in a game like this. Perhaps the severe weirdness of a scene like a horse-man kabe don (wall slam)? Oh, the mental violence!The app is only available via the Japanese iOS and Google Play stores, but if you’re crafty you can figure out how to get it, we’re just saying. Or are we just… neigh-ing? Oh, ho, ho.last_img

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